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We hand-make comfortable, secure and long-lasting wearable heat therapy.

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Comfort and care for everyday pain.
Backs, Bellies, Necks, Shoulders, Feet and Hands.

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What is wearable heat therapy and how can it help you?

Wearable heat therapy is defined as a wheat pack or heat pack that you can wear on your body. As wheat packs have been well regarded for decades to be a safe, natural and efficient way of managing and easing aches and pains, you can be sure that what ever your painful condition, you are taking care of yourself in the best way.

There are many painful conditions that can benefit from the direct warmth of a heat pack, ranging from muscular pain and stiffness, to digestive disorders like IBS, and women's health conditions like Endometriosis and Adenomyosis.

Freedom Heat Co's wearable heat therapy includes hand warmers, foot warmers and heat belts or shoulder heat packs. Whatever your need, you will be sure to find a comforatble option for keeping your heat therapy on your body for many hours of the day.

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Heat therapy for your lower back and stomach that you can wear all day long.

The Freedom Heat Belt is a revolutionary product helping thousands of people suffering from painful conditions affecting the lower back and stomach, such as relief from bulging and herniated discs, sciatic nerve pain, as well as period paid and endometriosis. With its unique and discreet design, you can take advantage of direct heat therapy that won't slip down or move out of position while you walk and move around freely.


Neck and shoulder heat therapy to loosen those tight muscles.

Featuring a high neck, and a unique ribbed shape pattern that keeps the wheat from bunching up and creating cold spots, the Freedom Heat Cape shoulder heat pack is the perfect solution to tight neck and shoulder muscles, from a day spend in front of the computer, or even simply a warm companion while reading a good book.

Superior warmth for cold and tired feet.

The Freedom Heat Foot Warmers are perfect heated slipper for when you need warm feet quickly, or for therapy after a long day standing up. Featuring a wheat pocket system which ensures your feet are surrounded in warmth from the wheat, plus the newer range also features a removable wheat filled sole, for using inside your Foot Warmers and other slippers.

Instantly warm your hands and protect them from cold conditions.

People suffering from vascular conditions like Reynaud's Disease, need a way of heating up their extremities quickly and keeping them warm for a long time. The Freedom Heat Hand Warmers are the perfect solution to cold hands and poor blood circulation. Filled just enough to be comfortable but not heavy, and featuring a secure elastic band to keep them in place, these Hand Warmers are the best way to warm your cold hands. and keep them warm.

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