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On a mission

to make a difference.

Dear reader,


I'm Giada, Founder of Freedom Heat Co.

Here's what I know for sure. Almost everyone I know, needs to take better care of them selves. Including me.

For many years I suffered daily doses of pain from a condition that is becoming frighteningly common in young women. I was one of 700,000 women suffering from Endometriosis. I was consumed with discomfort in almost every single activity I took part in, and I'm sad to say that it stopped me from enjoying what should have been some of the best years my life. 

Years later, I had the added misfortune of injuring the L5/S1 discs in my lower back. They were bulging badly and the pain was pretty intense.

I was in chronic pain and relying heavily on over-the-counter pain medication. I got so good at taking my medication that I could predict which days would be Paracetamol days and which would be Codeine days. Things were not good for me.

I also relied on heat. A whole lot of heat. All the time.

But there was one big problem. I had no way of keeping the heat pack on me when I was at work, or when I was trying to do some housework, or cook for my family, or go for a walk.

One thing I was quite good at was sewing. So I decided to play around with making a pouch that would allow me to carry a heat pack on my body inconspicuously for as long as I wanted (that was all day for me).

My heat belt prototype went everywhere with me, and fast forward a few years and the Freedom Heat Belt has become a necessary tool for many people, regardless of whether they are healing from an injury or trying to manage a disease.

I am now joined by my mother, Fiorella, who adds her unique creativity and style with her designs of wearable heat packs for feet, hands and shoulders.

Our products are as unique as we are. They represent our own journeys through life and pain.

Each product has had a painstaking amount of development to make it something that we would be happy for ourselves and others to wear.

We offer our range of wearable heat therapy with 100% certainty of their usefulness and quality.

We truly hope you not only enjoy wearing our products, but that they make a difference in your life.


Fiorella and Giada

Image by Artem Beliaikin
We believe staying active improves mental health
Image by CDC
We believe in finding ways to do what you love
Woman in Pain
We believe pain shouldn't define you
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We believe in comfort
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