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Help ease Spinal Disc Pain with the Freedom Heat Belt.

When discussing what type of pain a bulging disc can cause, we must understand what spinal discs do. The spine has shock absorbers called spinal discs. They allow the spine to move and offer space for the nerves which wrap around the spinal column. As we get older, there is wear and tear on our spine from frequent repetitive movements or poor posture. Over time, a disc can move out of place, causing it to bulge, and the pain is excruciating. This triggers the disc to pull on the nerves of the spine. Along with a bulging disc, the nucleus in the disc can escape from the centre, and it becomes a herniated disc. A herniated disc is also known as a ruptured disc or a slipped disc. This will only add more pain to the bulging disc and take longer to heal. When the soft jellylike substance escapes, it can hit a nerve causing more pain added on top of what the person is already feeling, in some cases weakness and others numbness.

At Freedom Heat Co. we have devised a wearable heat pack alternative to managing spinal disc pain with our Freedom Heat Belt. Though the Heat Belt cannot put the disc back into place, it provides relief by giving support to the back and warming up the muscles around the area, hence relaxing them. This helps speed up the healing process and eases up on the pain level. When facing the pain caused by a slipped disc some people advise to use cold packs in the first hours and then alternate with heat packs. Our wrap around heat pack can be used in both instances, hot or cold.

Our wrap around heat pack is suitable for all categories of sufferers of lower back pain, women or men, young or old, hard-working professionals such as Tradies and Tradie Ladies, Nurses, heavy weightlifters, parents etc. enduring painful movement due to physical activities causing irritated muscles, bulging, herniated discs nerve pain or just tiredness. The wrap around heat belt can be worn on the back, or even on the hips, providing comfort and long-lasting warmth or cooling, as you wish. Wear it to give you a pleasant feeling of wellbeing and feel the pain melting away with the best heat packs in Australia.

The composition of the Heat Belt.

The structure of the wearable heat pack belt is simple, soft, but sturdy. It comprises a 20cm wide strap, made of durable Corduroy; fastened with sturdy Velcro on both extremities to allow for the invisible and adjustable fastening against each other. It has a pouch in the centre to host the Wheat Bag. The wheat bag is molded into several segments to allow firmness and it contains approximately 1kg of unscented natural Australian Wheat. The belt looks stylish and innovative. It is decorated with the front panel made of colorful printed fabric. For the AFL Footy fanatics, we have your favourite teams, and for the sympathetic and softhearted there are warm encouraging sentiments. It can be worn under comfortable garments and becomes inconspicuous, so that you can go about your activities as normal. You can wear it in bed and it will not fall when you move.

The Freedom Heat Belt comes in various sizes, just measure the circumference at the widest point on your waist and check where it fits on our size scale, 1 to 5. If that is not enough, we are happy to custom make to your measurement.

How to use the Freedom Heat Belt to manage spinal disc pain.

For heat, place the Wheat Bag in the microwave for a couple of minutes (with half a glass of water for humidity). This should be enough to provide a nice level of warmth without being too hot. Then insert the wheat bag in the central pouch of the outer belt through the top opening and the complete wearable heat pack belt is now ready to be fastened to the waist.

For cold, place the Wheat Bag in a plastic bag and put it in the fridge or freezer for some time 15 to 30 minutes. Then you can proceed to insert it in the pouch of the belt.

Here at Freedom Heat Co. we are pleased to hear of the many encouraging stories about our handcrafted items and our customers have shown their appreciation of our innovative products by coming back for more, purchasing them as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts as well as Birthdays and Christmas gifts, for family and friends. Please also check our range of heat therapy products for other areas of the body.

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